Health and Safety

While training privately at Pilates By Carly, safety is a top priority!

What Pilates By Carly asks:

1- If you are feeling under the weather, please email, call or text to reschedule your session, no penalty.

2- Please clean your hands with sanitizer provided before your session.

4- Please wear socks during your workout. Pilates grip socks are recommended.

5- Please bring your own sweat towel and a bottle of water.

What Pilates By Carly is doing to keep the studio safe:

1- A 4-in-1 air purifying system is used in the studio which includes HEPA filtration and UV-C light.

2- Equipment is cleaned before and after each session with a soap and water solution that is safe for the equipment, and the equipment is disinfected after each session with an alcohol based solution greater than 60%.

3- A clean towel is provided for use on the headrest of the Reformer. 

4- Clean strap covers are provided for use on the Reformer hand straps.

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