Pilates By Carly is located in the Julington Creek Plantation area of Saint Johns, Florida just outside of Jacksonville and provides an intimate studio space for one-on-one training. Pilates By Carly also offers in-person community-based services and virtual training worldwide.

The Method

Pilates By Carly emphasizes the theme of contrology first developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. With attention to flow, breath, and the mind-body connection, Pilates By Carly blends classical and contemporary Pilates exercises with components of Barre. These functional movement techniques have proven to be an extremely effective workout practice.

Through thoughtful instruction, creative sequencing, and added props, a session with Pilates By Carly creates a well-balanced body with a direct focus on lengthening and strengthening. Offering more than just Pilates-based training, Pilates By Carly also provides sessions that focus on Barre and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) techniques, as well as Pre/Postnatal Fitness. Each workout, though demanding, promises to be a feel-good experience in physical, mental, and emotional volumes. Whether novice or pro, Pilates By Carly will present challenges for positive changes in a safe, comforting, and encouraging environment.

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